People Management Skills
Science of Wellbeing

Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnoherapy (Unit 1)

PG Dip in Movement Instruction for Actors

MA in Legal and Political Theory

MA in Acting

CYQ Level 2 Studio Instructor Award
CYQ Level 2 in Instructing Health-Related Fitness for Children

Ever the perennial student, with a bundle of passions and experience, I trained as an actress and Movement Instructor at ArtsEducational Schools and The London Academy of Music a Dramatic Art. My training is something I remember fondly, I remember thinking this is something everyone should have the opportunity to experience: to learn the tools of presence, sensitivity, receptivity, being in the moment, being articulate and feeling fully prepared to act in the best possible way. All tools that hone a person’s observational skills, make a person more aware of themselves and their habits, how to overcome those habits and choose appropriate ones.

In addition to my experience acting on stage, screen and as a voice artist, I have worked as an English Language and Literature teacher, working predominantly with adolescents. Recently, I worked as and IB DP Coordinator at an International School with an emphasis on coaching students to achieve their goals, focusing on both academic and soft skills. I introduced mindful minutes at lunchtime and compassionate listening during mentoring hours. Welcome and effective tools in improving their organisational, communication and production skills.

As a Movement Instructor and choreographer, I support actors and dancers in finding their best relationship to their bodies, the space and the people around them. This is enhanced and supported by my love and practice of Yoga, Pilates and my passion for dance. (5 Rhythms and forró).

Therapy has always been a deep interest of mine. In 2017, I began my training as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and in 2020, I completed a course at Yale University on the Science of Wellbeing. Understanding the power of relaxation, suggestion and visualisation and its role in overcoming fears and feeling more empowered is key to the work I facilitate.

As a student of Philosophy and Politics, I love to think big, how ideologies evolve and how ideas become action. Social Justice is something I advocate for, both in action and writing. I believe it’s important to stand up for what you believe. Exploring the broad reach that injustice has, can be a necessary component to explore when developing personal wellbeing. How language is used and received and unpicking that, can give tremendous power to an individual.

What ties all this together is that I love being a catalyst for self-empowerment, helping you discover, acknowledge and celebrate your strengths. When you slow down, breathe, tune in to your senses, listen, become aware of your capacity and have the tools to communicate your brilliance to the world. With a gentle and honest approach, I can help you gain clarity and, if neccessary, adapt how you talk to yourself and others. I will help you find your tools to access self-acceptance or to manage internal and external situations, to be a more confident and productive person, in service to yourself and society.

At times, this world is not an easy place to navigate but when you know yourself, your core values, your strengths and superpowers, nothing can take that away from you and your resilience and energy remain intact.

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