People Management Skills
Permaculture Design Terra Alta
Yoga Therapy
Supporting Adolescent Learners
Science of Wellbeing
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnoherapy
(Unit 1)

PG Dip in Movement Instruction for Actors

MA in Legal and Political Theory

MA in Acting

CYQ Level 2 Studio Instructor Award
CYQ Level 2 in Instructing Health-Related Fitness for Children
A creative and compassionate catalyst for self-empowerment, I love helping you discover, acknowledge and celebrate your strengths.

With a gentle and honest approach, I can help you gain clarity and, if necessary, adapt how you talk to yourself and others. I will help you find your tools to access self-acceptance or to manage internal and external situations, to be a more confident and productive person, in service to yourself and society.

I collaborate with you, tailoring my therapeutic style to your particular need in order to achieve the desired outcome and find the best solution. The modalities I use are evidence-based, such as cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, mindfulness and nature therapy. I have a somatic, trauma-informed approach and am also a qualified Yoga Therapist if you prefer a more holistic approach.

I am available face-to-face and online.

If you want to be more energized, relaxed, free of anxiety, more self-confident, have heightened concentration, lack of fear, have a sense of control, feel that good habits are automatic and effortless, have an ability to focus, resist distractions and that your self-talk is positive and encouraging, contact me for an initial, free session to see if we are a match and to plan your path.

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Fee: 60€/hour