Can help improve:

Civic responsibility

“When you avoid conflict to keep the peace with others, you start a war within.” 


Mindfulness and coaching for adolescents:

Navigating through the world as a teenager can be tough. Mounting pressures like school deadlines, assessments, extra-curricular activities, family expectations, social media, navigating romance and hormones can be extremely difficult.

Finding the balance between being an individual and fitting in can also prove tricky.

I offer individual and group work helping teenagers to increase:

-Emotion Regulation
-Interpersonal Effectiveness
-Assertiveness Skills
-Empathy and Compassion skills
-Communication skills
-Organisational Skills/Homework efficacy

The key is to discover strengths and core values, understand areas where superpowers can be used in order to build confidence and sense of efficacy.

The teenager is a social being, individuating themselves from their family. This is a necessary and inevitable step in their life.

This individuation can be more easeful, the more tools the teenager has under her belt. The more developed and confident the individuation, the more the teenager can build their self-esteem and become an active and contributing member of society.

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