“You can’t think your way into acting differently but you can act your way into thinking differently.”

What is performance coaching?

Performance coaching is a deeply individual process.

Perhaps you want to feel:

• Energised, relaxed, and free of anxiety
• Self-confident
• Heightened concentration
• A lack of fear
• A sense of control
• Performance is automatic, feels effortless, and is not forced
• Ability to focus and resist distractions
• Self-talk is positive and encouraging

Depending on whether it’s your day-today, public speaking or an athletic performance, I will listen carefully and tailor my approach to get you into your peak state of flow.

We’ll begin with you, the vessel, I’ll honestly assess and help you to notice your habits: physical, vocal, thought-processes and reactivity.

Together we’ll discover your strengths and superpowers, where you feel most at ease and confident and we’ll harness those to spread that confidence into areas where you might feel fear.

I’ll help you develop your tools to have the best body language, voice, interrelational efficacy, emotion regulation and mindset for your particular performance.

We’ll discover what inner and outer obstacles are standing in the way of your peak performance and make specific, tangible objectives to overcome or accept each of those obstacles.

Then we will practise, practise, practise in order for you to feel fully prepared to give a performance you can feel proud of.

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