-Developing and Embodying Company Ethos
-Interpersonal Effectiveness
-Interpersonal Problem Solving
-Wholehearted Leadership
-Non-Violent Communication
-Assertiveness Training
-Compassionate Listening
-Longitudinal Professional Development/ Career Coaching

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”


Team Building

-Compassionate Listening
-Assertiveness Training
-Non-violent Communication
-Interpersonal Effectiveness
-Emotion Regulation
-Communication Skills
-Wholehearted team building

Society and businesses are moving away from traditional, hierarchical structures. Holocratic concepts and practises are on the rise. The demand and need for transparency is apparent and employee wellbeing is being brought to the forefront of company practice.

Dealing with people, particularly dealing with bad management, can be totally detrimental to an organisation.

The more wholehearted each individual is in the endeavour of their work, the greater the benefits at large. For an individual to feel wholeheartedly involved, they need to know and utilise their strengths, fully supported by their team and employer.

Evidence supports that workshops tailored around these components can have direct, positive impact on a business.

I am also available as a consultant to conduct a longitudinal study in order to determine gaps and areas where the team’s full range of skills can be harnessed more effectively.

For my training in people management skills, I developed a survey for companies that effectively acquires data for such a longitudinal study.