“Carolina helped me to connect to my breath, my voice, practise my stamina and pronunciation for a public speaking event not in my mother tongue. The sessions have been fun, rewarding and have built up my confidence and skills in public speaking. I highly recommend Carolina as a performance coach.”
-Monica Palacios, Air Traffic Controller

“Carolina led a performance coaching workshop for our group of business creators which was very well received by the participants. I’m delighted to have her lead workshops again in the future.”

– Hanna Kuikka, Nowlicious Academy of Life Arts

“I’d gone to Carolina, initially for help with some coaching for an audition but it ended up being a more profound journey. I had some blocks that were holding me back and we brought those to light. She has this clarity that cuts through your bs. She made me aware of my “lens,” the way I was seeing things, that tempered everything, not just professionally but in my personal life. I can see it much more clearly now and I feel I have so much more power and control, but in a peaceful, centred way.” 

– Alicia Morgan, Actor

“I’d tried several different therapeutic modalities but kept holding on to thought patterns that weren’t serving me. Carolina helped me discover new ways to either accept or change these. Now I feel lighter, more peaceful, more powerful, like I have the awareness, the tools and the good practice I need.”

-Francisco Duarte, Data Analyst

A hypnotherapy session with Carolina has helped me to heal an old belief about myself. She first brought me deep relaxation and then her script helped me to untangle this belief and afterwards, it felt as if my brain had been rewired.”

– Jacqueline Spuijbroek, Lobbyist


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